Jerry Leidecker On The Issues...

Stop undeclared wars which are daily costing American lives and billions of tax dollars.

Insure that National Guard Units remain under Gubernatorial State Control...Not Federal Government authority.

Stop reckless spending, including foreign aid, and take care of America's domestic needs.

End debt financing of both Federal and State governments. Terminate the Federal income tax and restore a tariff based revenue system.

Insure Consumer Protection from predatory lending practices by not allowing excessive interest rates or fees.

Immediately end international trade agreements such as NAFTA, WTO, and the proposed FTAA.

Strengthen States Rights. More local control and less Federal government.

Totally and Completely Secure Our Nations Borders

Defend America's moral values; keep God in the pledge of allegiance and on our nations currency and coinage.

Fully protect the right to life of the innocent unborn

Support high standards in education, including school vouchers, private schools and home schooling.

Encourage revitalized domestic oil production, alternative fuels production and alternative power source generation.

Defend Second Amendment Rights

Restore a Constitutional, asset based money system

Uphold traditional marriage and family values.

I seek a new investigation on the events of 9/11

Vote For Jerry Leidecker--the candidate fighting for a return to Constitutional government!

As a candidate of the American Independent Party for United States Congrss, I will serve the people of California in much needed ways.

I will work diligently to live and restore to California a Constitutional government... of, by, and for the people!

Californians are tired of the political rhetoric and continued false promises. Politicians speaking out of both sides of their mouths with only an agenda to simply stay in office.

Many people stand on the Constitution to destroy it, but I stand for and under the Constitution, to always protect preserve and uphold it.

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